10 Inches

Part 1: Her.

It was a Friday night, and I, was, horny. I had a long week at work and my boss Jerry just finished getting on my last good nerve about a report that we both knew was perfect. I honestly think that he just wants to get in my pants, but sorry Jerry you’re not my type. I like my men big and strong – tall dark and handsome. All my girlfriends were married and quite frankly boring. Something happens to you after settling down – and I did not want that to happen to me.

I liked dressing up, looking and feeling beautiful. Do not get me wrong I love, appreciate, and respect modesty, but I am just not that kind of girl. I want to show off my curves and be admired for having them. I am all for respecting women but sometimes fellas, the secret part said out loud, we like being objectified – tastefully of course.

It was five o’clock and I was ready for my first drink of the night; But I am a lady, and you were not going to catch me at a bar before 9pm especially by myself. So, I waited. I have plenty of toys to keep me preoccupied. After four hours of nonstop orgasms, it was time for me to go get the real thing.

I put on my favorite skinny black dress, my VVS diamond earing necklace set, and of course my red bottoms. I was determined to catch me a man tonight – just the thought of Monday was stressing me out even though it was two days away; I needed a distraction.

I left my loft and headed for the club eager with anticipation to have a good time and dance and live it up like it was 1999. When I arrived, I immediately made my way to the dance floor and all my inhibitions went out of the window.  

The DJ was playing great music and my body could not help but move. Of course, I danced with men as they approached me, I am no prude. But I was selective in who I gave my ear too. I was in the middle of a dance when I saw him.

He looked like he was chiseled from marble. Every part of his body was sculpted, and he looked as though he was ready to burst out of his shirt. He was wearing a fitted button down, some nice slacks that made his ass look appetizing, and he had a smile to complement his pearly white teeth and noir skin that just made me quiver. I made sure that he noticed me and knew I was looking at him.

When our eyes met, he made his way towards me almost immediately, that made me weak. But I was not going to show that I was falling for him yet, it takes more than an expensive shirt and a gym membership to get my attention. As he approached me, I could feel my pussy start to get wet and I will be honest, I was a little embarrassed, but this was why I came out tonight; to meet someone who would make my heart race.

He finally got next to me and first thing that I noticed was the size of his body. He was so broad; it was almost intimidating, and I loved it. The second thing I noticed was the Louis Vuitton cologne he was wearing, Orage; he had good taste. He asked for a dance, and I obliged. Honestly though, he did not have to ask, but I appreciate a gentleman – and it was almost as if he knew that about me.

One dance turned into two which turned into five. Before I knew it, it was as if we were the only two people in the club. We still had not exchanged names at that point, but I did not care. I was grinding on him and to my surprise the bulge in his pants was huge! I still cannot tell you how big he is, it felt as though it kept going, but I am jumping ahead of myself. By this point in the night, you know I am aroused and ready to see what this man really was about.

He must have been a mind reader, because he looked me dead in the eyes and asked if he could buy me a drink. I agreed, and after getting our drinks, he guided me to a quiet part of the club where we sat and spoke about everything. I think we both equally impressed each other with the depth of conversation we had. We talked about everything, no topic was off limits, it was as if we had already known each other, and was just picking up from a conversation that we left off last time we saw each other – funny thing was, I never met this man before in my life; but I knew I was attracted to him.

Hours later it was closing time, the ice in my glass had melted and the bartenders were doing last call. I was waiting to see if we were going to continue the night, or if this was a Cinderella moment, and we had to part because the proverbial clock had struck twelve, and I am sure neither of us wanted our chariots to turn into pumpkins on us.

We decided to extend the night.

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