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I feel like it’s been forever since I had the opportunity to sit down and create new content for you all. I have been away for good reason; It’s been a working sabbatical so to speak. In fact, this post marks a new chapter in this blog’s narrative. I want to talk about what it feels like to have and feel a sense of security. What does it mean to be established? What are the benefits thereof? And how does it make a difference?

I wanted to discuss this because of recent life experiences that when I should have turned tail and ran; I found something in me that was ‘sure’. Have you ever been leery in your decision-making process? Have you ever second guessed yourself? What do you do in those moments? I know for me those can be turbulent times: pacing the floor, trying to assess the “situation”. I can become a wreak when a moment that I am unexpecting pops up.

Have you ever been blindsided? You think that everything is going well, that all parties involved are in agreement, then all of a sudden out of nowhere CRASH! You get hit with something that caught you by surprise. Now all of a sudden you are Johnny on the spot and have to maneuver your way around something you did not think you would be in. It’s in these caught off guard moments where our character is truly tested. When the Holy Spirit sent Jesus to the wilderness to be tempted by the devil; I’m sure the devil waited until Jesus was tired before he tempted Him.

When you are prepared for something, you are fired up! You are ready to go, full of energy and excited to rise to the occasion. After a while however, the enthusiasm wear’s off. I am sure you are aware of this in your own life. You start the day bright eyed, and bushy tailed, but by 5pm the belt’s unbuckled, one shoe is off, and the make-up touch up is minimal. When your guard is down you let loose, and it is that place of vulnerability that is a petri dish for indecision. When you get caught off guard you get knocked off of your balance and have to revert to your survival tactics.

Your survival tactics are things you do in a perceived moment of crisis. Think of it like when a child throws a temper tantrum. What’s happening here is that child is expressing themselves in a way that they know will solicit a response from their parents. It’s a survival technique. Before they threw tantrums, they cried to get an adult in the room’s attention. As we get older those erratic behaviors become refined into defense mechanism that we will use to get out of or avoid something potentially harmful. These behaviors can take on many forms from the use of explicit and foul language, self-withdrawal, the intentional causing of a conflict (blowing things out proportion), projecting, and more. These are the way we learn to protect ourselves in a civil society.

Established means to be found of a firm or stable basis. You are a sound structure. You cannot be thrown off by the tempest of life. Being able to whether a storm is valuable because that is your individuality. When you are able to lead and not just follow you show yourself to be a free thinker. Freedom of thought is the beginning of knowledge. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience; but what tends to happen is, we get so caught up on the physical that we neglect the spiritual. When you focus on the spiritual aspect of yourself, you begin to learn things about you that are not in a textbook. They are not taught in 12th grade math class, and that are not loud in presentation.

Secular society would have you give your time and focus to apps, television programming, and social discord. But when you put focused effort into understanding the intricacies of you, that is when you will begin to build up and fortify your resolve. Being established is about knowing that you know that you know who you are. You do not have to stoop to a lower level, you know to just avoid that environment. You are not afraid to stand up for your conviction, even if it’s unconventional and not part of the popular social psyche. Being established is knowing that you have a firm and solid foundation.

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