The Pursuit of Passion (Excerpt)

The following is an excerpt from my new book “The Pursuit of Passion: How to Sequence your Life for Success”. This excerpt is highlighting chapter 9 in the book entitled “Mental Health”. If you have not done so, and are considering it, I would encourage you to purchase a copy of the book for yourselfContinue reading “The Pursuit of Passion (Excerpt)”

The Pursuit of Passion (Excerpt)

Over the next few days and possibly couple of weeks, I am going to be releasing content directly related to my new book “The Pursuit of Passion: How to Sequence your Life for Success“. There is some amazing content in there that I know your life is going to be changed by when you purchaseContinue reading “The Pursuit of Passion (Excerpt)”

How Sexual Repression is Degrading Society

Since the beginning of time, sex has been a domineering force in human existence. Traceable all the way back to the garden of eden, our susceptibility to sensuality has been weaponized in such a way to cause us to perpetually stumble and fall. Using the Bible as a historical precursor we can see that noContinue reading “How Sexual Repression is Degrading Society”

From the Perspective of Being Established

I feel like it’s been forever since I had the opportunity to sit down and create new content for you all. I have been away for good reason; It’s been a working sabbatical so to speak. In fact, this post marks a new chapter in this blog’s narrative. I want to talk about what itContinue reading “From the Perspective of Being Established”