the Simple Blessings of God

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The human body is marvelous. The Bible says that its fearfully and wonderfully made. When I think about the beauty of expression, I am captivated by its simplicity. A small gesture can have a gigantic impact. All of us breathe without much conscious thought about it.

When we break down and conceptualize breathing, we find that what is actually happening when we inhale and exhale is, our bodies take in oxygen molecules to energize our cells so that we may conduct ‘normal human functions’. Something as simple as breathing – that we tend not to consider, is the vitality of our lives. You can find this principle playing out in various areas of your life: Sometimes the smallest things have the biggest impact.

It’s important to understand this because without an appreciation for the small things, the big things wont mean anything. Some of the best movies I have ever watched started with a seemingly inconsequential series of events, that ended up playing out an entire plot. Our lives are merely a compilation of small “events” (used loosely).

You cannot appreciate the wins of your life if you never had any losses. You can only really appreciate a good meal after you know what its like to have gone without one. It’s the small things that give life its meaning.  

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