Are Siri and Alexa Becoming our New Best Friends?

In an increasingly isolated world where we are constantly normalizing decreased social interaction, if you were to take a moment and consider your own social dynamics and friend groups, you would probably discover the same thing that I have: your social life has likely drastically diminished. In a post pandemic world, as people try toContinue reading “Are Siri and Alexa Becoming our New Best Friends?”

What the Heck is Resurrection Power Anyway?

Happy Holy Week! The Easter season is here, and Resurrection Sunday is fast approaching. I love this time of year. Do not ask me why because I would not be able to give a full in-depth answer at this point in my life however, Jesus is the reason for the season! This coming Sunday peopleContinue reading “What the Heck is Resurrection Power Anyway?”

the Simple Blessings of God

The human body is marvelous. The Bible says that its fearfully and wonderfully made. When I think about the beauty of expression, I am captivated by its simplicity. A small gesture can have a gigantic impact. All of us breathe without much conscious thought about it. When we break down and conceptualize breathing, we findContinue reading “the Simple Blessings of God”