I have been Tired

I do not know about you, but for me this week has been a drag. It has gotten better over the last two days, but generally speaking, I personally have been exhausted. I became tired of giving of myself. At some point even your most staunch activist gets tired of yelling at clouds.

And while I do not personally consider myself and activist from the traditional perspective of the word, what I will say is that even a blind man can see that there is something wrong with the world that we are currently living in.

I have noticed the societal decay on all levels from national to local to interpersonal. Since this year has started, I have shared hauntingly prolific posts and insights not just on the state of the world but also on the state of individual lives. We are facing depravity the likes of which is too insurmountable to comprehend.

You could literally hurt your brain trying to consider all the things that have and are still going wrong in our world today. And this is not just a zoomed-out perspective: Personally, I am among the near 30 million Americans who are currently unemployed. I fall in the category of people who are not only unemployed but are statistically less likely to find reemployment as time continues to elapse.

As the Stock market continues to soar industries continue to be eviscerated. Just yesterday, airlines announced 10s of thousands of layoffs. I watched the nightly news yesterday, and for a moment thought that I was in the apocalypse.  

Real life has become divine satire.

Excuse my French, but this shit is a joke… I have been tired.

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