The Art of Waiting

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One of the inevitabilities of life is waiting. We all wait. Your average driver spends 20% of their time waiting at red lights. Have you ever gone to a restaurant with a line? After taking your name down at the host station the next thing you receive is a wait time, not a table. And, once you get the table you still have to wait for your food. If you have ever been to a DMV, going into that situation, you already know that 90% of your time spent there will be waiting.

Waiting has a tedious quality to it. The wearisomeness that ensues from waiting typically stems from the fact that on the other side of that waiting period is an expectation, a desired outcome. The implication of waiting is that there is something worth waiting for on the other side. The problem that usually comes up is, the thing that we are waiting for, and the duration of time spent waiting, may be disproportional.

To go back to the restaurant analogy, most people probably have no qualms with waiting for a table anywhere between 20 – 45 minutes depending on the occasion. The issue arrives if they must wait for an hour or more for a table. Then suddenly, what was once a worthwhile wait has become a hassle, a chore, and in some cases not even worth it.

The same can happen as it relates to our dreams and aspirations. Sometimes we lose hope because what we want is taking too long to show up. What do you do when what you are passionate about, is not necessarily, passionate about you? This is where the art of waiting comes in, because in most cases a delay is not a denial.

If you are living in alignment, then what you are pursuing is indicative of who you are. In other words, you probably are not waiting for something that is not worth waiting for. If you are, then you have already answered your question on why what you want has yet to manifest.

The reality of waiting is that it is a proactive activity. To wait is a verb, meaning to stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or until something else happens. When you are asked to wait, more often than not, it is out of your control.

This can be frustrating, because in all realness, who likes waiting for anyone or anything? We live in the information age meaning, that we have an instantaneous mentality. With a near infinite amount of information at our fingertips, it is quite easy to disillusion ourselves from the concept of waiting.

Unfortunately, however, for those who do that to themselves, they deny themselves the beauty and value found in patience. Patience is a characteristic of love. To wait for someone or something means that you love them/it. Sometimes we must wait because God wants to see how much what we are waiting for truly matters to us.

You are a spiritual being having a physical experience meaning, that life expresses itself through you. This is valuable to understand because as you live, you grow into who you are not what you want. Sometimes a waiting period, is a maturation period.

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