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9/11/2020 Call to Action

This past Friday was 9/11, and I was inspired to create what I am calling my Call to Action video. In this video I highlight the state of America. As we commemorated one tragedy, it felt irresponsible of me not to address the one taking place right now.

America is coming undone and it is up to the everyday citizen to use their voice to shed light on the situation and to force change. This video is one way I decided to use my voice. It is important that we are aware with what is taking place in our world and in our country.

I originally posted this video in three parts on my Instagram. In addition to sharing the video here on my website, I also have it on my newsletter with an extended commentary. I encourage you to check it out in all forms (it is also on YouTube now), and please share this with your friends and family if you receive any value from it.

I do not believe that we should just sit back and not say something. We are experiencing a grave injustice that will only further corrode the integrity of this country. This is about our right to freedom. We cannot allow the abdication of leadership that is proliferating in the United States to continue to go unaddressed. Now is the time to be effective not silent.

Click here for the original Instagram upload

Click here for the Newsletter version with extended commentary

Click here for YouTube link

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