How to Live in the Moment

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Happy Labor Day! I hope you have been enjoying your extended weekend. I wanted to take the occasion to briefly highlight something that I think is essential right now. Living in the moment is one of the most valuable things you could be doing right now.

In actuality, living in the moment is probably the most important thing. Life happens in moments. Life is a series of experiences; however, I think sometimes we believe that only the big experiences count.

What is vital to understand is, you make every moment count. The only thing separating you from having valuable experiences, is intentionality. Intent is a commitment to execution.

Intentionality says I am going to make this count. You are living in the moment when you are making your moments count. Are you adding value to your time?  

If life is giving you an opportunity to engage in various experiences, what are you bringing to those experiences?

Proper etiquette, when going to someone else’s home for an event, is to not show up empty handed. When you enter into a Kairos moment, what do you bring with you?

Living in the moment is about harnessing your value and executing on it in such a way that your impact reverberates.

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My mission is to help you have a breakthrough – a paradigm shift. I want to help you change how you interact with the world around you for the better; so that you can start living the life that you truly want.

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