I went Keto for 31 days – Here’s how it Went

At the beginning of August, I decided to go keto for the whole month. The Ketogenic diet is a high fat low carbohydrates diet where you get the majority of your calories for a day from foods high in fat.

The science behind this diet is that by reducing carbohydrates and increasing fat, your body will start to burn fat for energy as opposed to the sugars from carbs. When this happens, your body goes into what is called ketosis.

I had been considering going keto for a little over a year but was unsure if whether or not it was right for me. When I decided to try it, I honestly thought that now was as good of a time as any, and I thought that I could not be the only one with questions about this, so why not.  

Going into the diet I was already at an advantage, or disadvantage depending on how you look at it. I am a pescatarian, so I already had a high fat, high quality protein diet going into this challenge. This is a good thing because what some people who do keto do is, they will have a high fat low carbs diet but the fat may not be the most healthy; Or they eat a lot more processed foods over fresh foods. This can be referred to as “dirty Keto”.

What I Ate

The downside to me being a pescatarian while on keto is that my food options are limited; more so than if I was not. Now you could look at that as an advantage as well however, there were plenty of days when I just had a plate of 3-4 pieces of fish for dinner because, I would hit my carbohydrate count for the day by lunch. This was not the worst thing ever honestly; I personally just would have liked a little more variety.

Aside from a semi-limited choice of food options I really enjoyed this diet. The transition was all but seamless. The one issue that I did have was that I missed pasta, rice, and some fried foods. And do not even get me started on bread.

It was tough going out to eat or to social gatherings. I also had large snack cravings. That is where I got in a lot of macros for the day.  Almonds and blueberries were my best friend.

One thing I will say is, if you want to really get value out the ketogenic diet, definitely do your macros. For the first week into this diet I did not do my macronutrients and it was not fun.

The key is, that even though you are cutting back on your carbohydrates, you still want to be able to make sure that you are taking in enough calories from your fats and proteins. If I am being honest that is not something that I first considered when I started this journey.

What happened to my Body?

The most immediate thing I noticed from a physiological perspective was that I immediately had more energy. It eventually tapered off in terms of volume, but from a quality standpoint, I never felt better.

I was lighter on my feet, feeling more buoyant overall, and fired up to conquer each day. I also found that I was a lot more focused when it came to working and getting things done.

The next big change that I noticed was in my physique. I did not get a chance to take down my weight and measurements before starting however, my body is definitely more defined.

Since going keto, not only have I gotten stronger, but my level of athleticism has increased all around. One of the things that inspired me to even go keto was that I wanted to lose some of my stubborn belly fat.

These two pictures were taken about a month apart

Even with limited access to a gym, I coupled my healthy eating habits with dynamic stretching, and calisthenics. One month later and I definitely notice a difference.

As of this post, my body is still in ketosis however, I do not know for how much longer. It is my intentions to continue in this way of life but I do not think that I am a keto warrior.

I am unsure on how sustainable this diet is. Despite some bumps in the road it has been smooth sailing, but I still have a way to go if I want to turn this into a lifestyle. That being said, I value the low carb aspect of keto; as well as my body burning fat for energy. I have definitely seen significant benefits from it.

I would encourage you to try it if you are curious. The good thing is, there is no major diet change aside from cutting out popular carbs, if you already live a relatively healthy lifestyle. You will also be more energized, and it will definitely help you shed off some pounds.

There are some drawbacks associated with this diet as well, but nothing you would not be able to mitigate. Being a pescatarian, I found this challenge to be a worthy opponent, and I had to step up to the plate if I wanted to make it work. It is real easy to slip up especially if you are not use to a certain lifestyle.

I will keep you posted with my progress especially because, the gyms are opening back up in my area. Let me know what you think about this type of content and whether you enjoyed it.

Also, let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or critiques in the comment section below!

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