Stretching is Changing my Life, It can Change yours too

Over the last few weeks I have been stretching regularly and it has been amazing! What a lot of us in the western world do not realize is that a good amount of our every day life is not geared towards our health and wealth. From the way we sit, to what we eat, to what we watch/read.

We are inundated with things that are not good for us.

I got into stretching because I have been on a health kick recently. As part of my holistic approach to health, wealth, freedom, and prosperity, Health is Wealth. We are not our best selves when we are bogged down by consuming bad things. 

Everything you do should be geared towards your overall sense of contentment.  Stretching and working out in general is something that I actively incorporate in my regimen because my health is essential to my effectiveness. 

Benefits of stretching

Some of the benefits from stretching include: increased range of motion, better physical performance, better flexion, increased blood flow, and improved posture. Over the last three weeks I have noticed an increase in energy and more pliability. 

Your muscular system is what allows your body to move. It is also what protects and insulates your skeletal structure. We strengthen our muscles through the contracting of our muscle fibers (exercising).

When you stretch, your muscle fibers contract, and you activate the surrounding connective tissue. When that happens you allow your body to realign any disorganized fibers. These disorganized fibers are what cause tension in our body. Realigning them rehabilitates scarred connective tissue.

Throughout your life you will incur damage that will cause tension in your body. For some of us, our environments can be the catalyst for that tension. It is this tension that causes our bodies to lock up. Stretching allows us to clear that blockage so that we can be at peak performance. 

How I got into Stretching

I have technically been an athlete all my life in terms of physicality; so I was introduced to stretching at an early age. That being said, it was always my least favorite part of any workout. I would always do a physically intensive workout, and then save stretching for if I remembered to do it. 

It would always be in the back of my mind to stretch but it was not a priority for me

A few years ago I got into an nearly fatal car accident. Not only was my car totaled, but my body was in shock. I had to start going to physical therapy, and it helped with my body tension and strengthening my muscles.

From that point forward I became a strong believer in stretching. That being said it still did not have a relevant presence in my life until more recently.

Part of improving your quality of life is improving how you live. Since Covid-19 I have been intentional about improving my quality of life; This has included working out again, and specifically stretching. 

Some of the side affects I have noticed from the last 3 weeks include clarity of mind, increased intentionality, I feel ‘lighter on my feet’ so to speak; and I have a willingness to be more engaged. 

Start your Stretching Habit Today

The following are some stretches you can incorporate into your daily regimen that will only take all of 10 minutes to do: 


Sitting in a squat is actually our natural state. Sitting upright does not promote positive back or posture health. By sitting in a squat you get full range of motion. Get comfortable with the squat, It’s your friend. 

Butterfly Stretch

The butterfly stretch works your groin and inner thigh. Doing this can improve mobility and flexibility. The butterfly also helps with improving posture.  

Hip Flexors

The hip flexor is one of the better stretches you can do. It’s benefits range from improved posture, and lower back pain alleviation, to an increase in strength and conditioning in your lower body and core. 

There a plenty of other stretches you can do, these are just a few that I enjoy. Developing a stretching habit will do wonders for every area of your life. If you are willing to take 10-15 minutes out of your day for stretching, you too can see how beneficial releasing the tension in your body can be. 

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