Have a Practical Money Mindset that Attracts more Money in your Life

If you’re like most people, you probably wish you had a little more capital laying around. Money is great, we need it to be contributors to civil society, to get ahead in life, and to sustain a certain level of happiness. As a tool nothing trumps money. 

Like a lot of people I use to believe that if I had enough money, then all of my problems would go away. And yes while being well off intrinsically makes life easier, a lot of money can come with baggage all its own. It is not about the resource, it is about how the resource is used

The way we think about money has a direct impact on how we use it in our lives. We each have a unique relationship with money, and the health of that relationship can dictate the health of our bank account

Not sure on the relationship status between you and your money? Ask yourself: What would you do with $1 Million? Any healthy relationship is forward moving

Do you have a plan for such a wind fall/ the resources necessary to develop and execute said plan? After you pay taxes and personal debt where would the rest go, and why would it go there? 

The challenge people have with money is that their mindset towards money is often negative. We all know someone who is always fiscally challenged, heck, we might be that someone. If that’s the case let’s fix that today

Money is not some elusive commodity that only the lucky or societal elite are allowed to amass. Money is available to us all, we just need to put ourselves in positions where we start attracting more of it.

Make your money matter

Money will not show up where it is not welcome.

Here is a hard truth… MONEY IS NOT REAL. I know that may be a tough pill to swallow, but Literally, money is just paper. The only value money has, is the value we place on it. In other words, money is as useful as you make it

Once you are able to look at money objectively you realize that it is a resource like anything else you use to survive. This is why financially savvy people pay themselves before anything else

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Attracting more money in your life is about dictating where your money goes and not allowing your money to dictate where you go. 

The primary way we develop this mentality is in how we use our money. Do not underestimate the power of a good budget

A budget is a practical tool that helps you keep track of income and expenses. I am a proponent of zero-based budgeting. It has help me gain control of every dollar that flows through my hands.

Budgeting is a simple practice that does wonders for your money mindset because it forces you to say to yourself and your money, that your money matters and you care about where it goes and how it is spent. 

This is how you build a foundation for an effective money mindset that attracts more money into your life. By stewarding what you already have well, you are signaling that you can handle the responsibility that comes with more money.

Put your money to work 

The next thing that is debilitating to a bountiful money mindset is not putting your money to work. What differentiates the rich from the poor among other things is passive income. Rich people can concern themselves with more pressing matters because they do not worry about where their money is coming from. 

Every person’s goal should be to hit their critical massTo replace one’s earned income with residual income from investments. This is financial freedom. By becoming self sustaining you free up your money, time, and other resources for new opportunities. 

The easiest way to establish a bottom line for yourself is to invest in the stock market. Put your money in a place where it can grow and gain interest. 

A lot of people think they are doing enough by putting money into a savings account. Unfortunately however, most savings accounts these days do not have a good interest rate. 

By diversifying your portfolio and putting some money into a stock, pension plan, IRA, government bond, or some other investment vehicle, you sow seeds of financial independence. 

Operate from a place of Abundance 

The healthy money mindset says: I have everything I need. The reality of it is, that statement is true whether you have $1 Million or $1. Attracting more money into your life is about believing that it is already on its way.

I have heard rich people say that they did not realize they were rich until it already happened. This is because money is a byproduct of our actions. Yes we have to work for it, but we also have to decide that we are worthy of it. 

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This was a challenge for me. I had to allow myself to be okay with not being broke. As weird as it may sound, this is apart of the money mindset as well. I have developed affirmations and state of being incantations that connect me with my appealing future:

I am thankful for God’s abundance in my life 

Money is gravitating towards me right now 

I am thankful that money comes to me easily and frequently 

Numerate what you want, identify the role money has in your life. Is your money in your life to keep you above poverty? Or is your money in your life meaningful, purposeful, and in capable hands!

So to recap, if you want to start attracting more money in your life today do the following:

Place significant value on your money. The best way to do this is by budgeting. If you can start seeing where your money is and is not going, you can make the necessary adjustments to take back control of your financial life. 

Find ways to make money from your money. This can easily be done by opening an investment account. Remember this is about mindset, and lazy money is no good. As a resource, where is the most effective place to put your money so that it can grow and mature and gain in usefulness? 

Live as though you have everything you need. There is no room for lack. By wishing something away you can actually attract that thing into your life.

When you live as though you already are where you want to be, you create the space necessary for more resource to come to you. By practicing affirmations of abundance you train your mind to perpetuate sufficiency in every area of your life.  

What mental road blocks do you have when it comes to how you think about money? 

Join the conversation and share your perspective in the comment section below!

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